Velamma’s Story


Velamma grew up

in small village in South India. She was very innocent and managed to control her sexual tensions very well. Velamma never had even one fling, although her juicy curves made waves on almost every man who came across her. It’s not known if it was her round booty ass or huge tits drew Ramesh in. They got happily married and the only man who ever got to fuck Velamma was her husband…

Then something happened

Her son’s friend’s left for a trip and as it happens, Ramesh wasn’t home. So Rajesh stayed with our jaw dropping hottie alone. And guess what happend…. Yes, you are right!


Since then…

Velamma has found herself in one predicament after another, where her body has become the sexual plaything of various men around her. Her innocence was tested time again as she was used to fulfill the sexual fantasies and urges of anyone who tricked her into doing so… Will you want to join in?

Innocent Velamma is changing

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