Indian Porn Comics of Velamma

Indian Porn Comics of Velamma

Mrs. Velamma Lakshmi, or Vela as her loved ones like to call her is a loving and innocent South Indian Aunty. Enjoy these Indian porn comics series: Velamma, Veena and Velamma Dreams and read the Indian sex stories in English and Hindi.

Velamma Dreams

#15 The Last Woman on Earth
July 18, 2019

In a post-apocalyptic landscape where all other people have disappeared, Velamma has to loot and forage for food in the new Velamma Dreams episode 15.


#96 That’s What Friends Are For
June 20, 2019

Guys, we know that this episode is shorter than usual, that’s why we have made 5 extra pinups which can be found at the end


#95 Wedding Deposit
May 24, 2019

With her son Vijay’s marriage back on–thanks to some lesbian persuasion on Tanika–Velamma starts planning his wedding in the episode 95. And like many mothers,


#94 Runaway Bride
April 24, 2019

Velamma finally succeeds in breaking off the marriage between her son, Vijay, and arch-nemesis Tanika, but to what end? Vijay sinks in a downward spiral


#93 Puppet Master
March 29, 2019

Now that she’s got sexual secrets to hold over the heads both Lakshmi parents, Tanika is feeling pretty confident Velamma and Ramesh will have to


#92 Double Date
March 1, 2019

Hi, Velamma fans! In this Velamma episode 92, you’ll read about how Vijay’s fiancée Tanika is well aware that Velamma is no fan of hers


#91 Like Mother, Like Daughter-in-Law
February 1, 2019

After her son’s fiancée makes a poisonous first impression, Velamma insists Vijay set up a meeting so she can get a read on the girl’s


#90 The Seducer
January 2, 2019

Last issue, Velamma’s son Vijay returned home with his pals and hints about some “big news” he wanted to share with his parents. Turns out


#89 Young, Dumb & Full of Cum
November 30, 2018

With Velamma’s return to school paying dividends in the form of an incipient journalism career, her troubled, unemployed husband, Ramesh, feels more abandoned than ever

Indian Porn Empire presents Mrs. Velamma Lakshmi, or Vela as her loved ones like to call her is a loving and innocent South Indian Aunty. However, like most of the woman in her family, she was blessed with an extremely sexy figure with boobs like they came from heaven! Velamma is always ready to do anything for people she comes in touch with, but her innocence sometimes makes her do things which might go a bit far. Read about Velamma’s sexy yet innocent and loving experiences in the best Indian comic series.