Toxic Whisper

  • Veena Episode 13
  • Released: 3rd August 2018
  • Script By: Loupee Garou
  • Art By: Ilsh Valinur
  • Colors: Ilsh Valinur
  • Series: Veena
  • Rating:

It’s time for celebration and Veena is all dressed up for a party with her best friend, Nikita. The celebration is cut short when Veena’s plan for the evening backfire after the arrival of the party guests, leaving Veena with a rather nasty mood in Veena episode 13. Veena’s annoyance does not go unnoticed, as the hypnotist Veena slighted earlier in the evening rushes in to take advantage of her foul mood, liberating her primal desires and goading her into doing something rather shameful.
Will Veena be able to correct herself or would the hypnotist’s toxic whispers lead her down an immoral path? Find out in this brand new episode of the Veena series.