Sparks Fly

  • Velamma Episode 85
  • Released: 6th July 2018
  • Script By: DarkMark
  • Art By: Ilsh Valinur
  • Colors: Ilsh Valinur
  • Series: Velamma
  • Rating:

After allowing her therapist to bang her once again during her most recent appointment in episode 85, and subjected to yet another of her husband’s rages, Velamma has something of an epiphany: Her entire life has been lived at the mercy of the men in it, and she’s finally had enough of their bullshit! Deciding that she needs to be able to support herself to be fully independent, Vela attends a vocational training center. But with no real career goals in mind, she ends up in a welding program consisting entirely of men! Luckily, a sweet kid named Arjun offers to tutor her in the arts of arc welding. So when Arjun reveals a deficiency in his own education, Velamma is only too eager to serve as a tutor for him – but for the first time on her own terms!