The Interview

  • Velamma Episode 87
  • Released: 5th October
  • Script By: DarkMark
  • Art By: Ilsh Valinur
  • Colors: Ilsh Valinur
  • Series: Velamma
  • Rating:

In this Velamma episode 87 after the hands-on tutoring Velamma received from her vocational school instructor Prof. Reddy in last month’s episode, the budding journalist is clearly teacher’s pet. But Velamma has competition for that position in a young girl struggling to climb out of poverty named Navya.
Once Navya realizes that Prof. Reddy sees through her blind ambition, the girl aims her ire at Velamma personally. Being such a friendly, generous person, however, Velamma takes Navya under her wing, where the comely maiden learns that it takes more than mere youth to bend a man’s will with sexual persuasion!