Young, Dumb & Full of Cum

  • Velamma Episode 89
  • Released: 30 November 2018
  • Script By: DarkMark
  • Art By: Ilsh Valinur
  • Colors: Ilsh Valinur
  • Series: Velamma
  • Rating:

With Velamma’s return to school paying dividends in the form of an incipient journalism career, her troubled, unemployed husband, Ramesh, feels more abandoned than ever in this Velamma episode 89. Ramesh tries to seek solace in the gorgeous Dr. Annie Jones, his therapist, but Annie insists that her patients follow only her strict doctor’s orders. Meanwhile, the Lakshmi’s recently graduated son, Vijay, returns home from university with some big news for his parents. It’s such a momentous announcement that he brought along a trio of college pals for support. But these young men find something much more scintillating to occupy their time while staying as Velamma’s guests!